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May 2, 2024 News Update

Dear Friends,

It is so good to be back, even if it is just for a few days. I have been in Africa for the past two weeks, and such a rewarding and exciting trip. We taught in four different venues in Zambia, teaching six hours per day, starting at 9:00 in the morning and going until 4:00 in the afternoon. So we were able to log about 60 hours of teaching in 11 days. The topic was “Aspects of Christology: The death of Christ, His Resurrection, Ascension, and Session.” For many it was the first time for them to hear biblical teaching about these doctrines. The response was enthusiastic, to say the least. They begged us to come back as soon as possible so we could teach them more.

In each of the first three cities we averaged well over 100 pastors and church leaders every day. They came from various denominations and backgrounds, but we had no opposition to what we were teaching. One man said that you couldn’t argue with what was being taught, for then you would be arguing with the Word of God.

Traveling and teaching with me was Pastor Mark Kvam from Minnesota. I didn’t know him before this trip. A friend of his heard me speak at Austin Bible Church several months ago, and called him to tell him that he might enjoy going on a mission trip with me. So we corresponded a bit and talked on the telephone, and we decided that we could work together. Really, though, we didn’t meet until we joined up at the airport in Atlanta. This was a life-changing experience for him. He had never been to Africa nor had he taught in a foreign culture. Fearful at first, he quickly adapted and just fell in love with the people and the work. He thinks that he would like to continue going on such journeys in the future to take the Gospel to other parts of the world.

Musada Myers Men

Also teaching with us were two Zambia pastors that I have had the joy of teaching and training over the more than 20 years of going there. Charles Musonda is a pastor in Livingstone. He is a truly gifted communicator with a free-grace gospel and a solid theology. He is also a capable administrator who takes care of all the arrangement for our travel, accommodations and teaching. The other man is Benjamin Sakala, pastor in a small village. I met Benjamin in 2001, and he has been a faithful student ever since. Even though he is in a somewhat remote area (no electricity or running water), he has a well-taught congregation. It is truly exciting for me to go there and find people who know the Word of God and who can quote Scripture. It ought to be that way in every church. Both of these men have gained reputations as Bible teachers and are being called upon to go to other places to teach.

On Sunday last I went to Lusaka Bible Church. This is a young church and quite small. It was planted by two men who became oriented to verse-by-verse, exegetical teaching. This approach is almost unknown in that part of the world. When I walked in the pastor was teaching verse-by-verse through the book of Galatians. You can’t imagine how thrilling that was for me.

The Lord has been so gracious and merciful to give me the strength and the means to carry on this work. I am convinced that this is in large part due to your participation through prayer and support. Thank you so much. The Father has been pleased to answer your prayers.

Myers Zambia GPP Distribution ed

Next week Phyllis and I will be traveling again, this time for about six weeks, going to several countries in Europe. Conferences are planned for Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. Later in the year we have plans to teach in French Polynesia and in the Philippines. Please remember us before the throne of grace that we might obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

All of grace,