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April 10, 2022 News Update

10 April 2022

Dear Friends,

Phyllis and I are on the road again, speaking in churches. If you would like to see a recent report that I gave, click on this link:

Some people have asked me if there are websites they can go to for good assessments of thee current situation in Ukraine. Here a few that you check out:

I have had a few people make comments along the way about the corruption of the Ukrainian people, indicating that in their opinion we should not be helping them or promoting them because they are just as bad as the Russians. Others have expressed their idea that the Ukrainians and Russians are both the same and that what is happening is just like the Civil War between the north and the south in this country, and that we should just let them fight it out.

I find this wrong on so many levels. And because I have been confronted with this several times, I would surmise that this idea is coming from some common source, namely, the main-stream media. I will excerpt portions of a recent letter written by Dr. Robby Dean in response to comments made on a recent interview program:

First, the Ukrainian people are more united in their patriotism then ever before. I have read of estimates up to 400,000 Ukrainian ex-pat males who have returned to Ukraine to fight for their homes, families, and the future of Ukraine.

Second, they are not fighting to defend a corrupt government or corruption in general. Ukraine is well known for the level of corruption there, but so now is the United States, as well as Nigeria, Brazil, China, Syria, Jordan, the Philippines and a host of other nations in the world. Corruption is endemic today.

Ukraine was viciously attacked with no provocation on Feb 24. The claim that the Ukrainians are at fault because they wanted to be aligned with NATO is delusion… Blame the rape victim, not the rapist, is the same mentality. Putin has been trying to dominate Ukraine and Ukraine politics for a couple of decades

But ... it has been clear that the Ukrainian people do not want corruption, they do not want to be under the authority of Moscow, they hate the Russians with a historic hatred that goes back centuries. Ukrainians have their own language, culture, music, and government and they do not want to be governed by Russia. The vast majority are freedom loving.

Ukraine has the highest level of religious freedom of any nation in the Western world. Over the last 25 years tens if not hundreds of thousands have been saved. Numerous solid grace-gospel ministries have been planted ….

The Ukrainians are fighting and dying for freedom. They are seeking to destroy the barbaric Russians who are raping, torturing, beheading the Ukrainian civilian population and seeking to erase the Ukrainian people from the face of the earth.

To say that we Americans should not pray for victory in Ukraine because they have a corrupt government is ludicrous. If America comes under attack should we refuse to fight for freedom because we have a corrupt government?

Of course not all Russians are “bad” people. There are many who are decent, moral, law-abiding people who are hard working and honest. But when I see the unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the senseless bombing of homes, churches, hospitals, and refugee centers in Ukraine, the horrific murders, brutal rapes, and the pillaging of homes, I believe it is altogether right for us to pray for victory over the invaders and for destruction of their army.

I beseech you, do not stop praying for the freedom of Ukraine, for peace in that land, and for those people we have come to love so dearly.

All by grace,