Thursday, 17 March 2022 23:38

March 17, 2022 News Update

17 March 2022

To all who are coming with confidence to the throne of grace:

Senseless killing and devastation. In spite of this, the plan of God moves forward. The war in Ukraine continues. He is able to make all things work together for good to those who love Him.

We are blessed to receive reports from our loved ones there that they are redeeming the time in these evil days.

One pastor wrote:

Yesterday I was able to bring my uncle to us. He had remained in Irpin as long as he could, living under shelling and serving his unbelieving neighbors. He helped evacuate families. He also shared the gospel with them.

He asked me to thank you, Jim (and I also join in his gratitude), and other teachers of the Bible College. It is thanks to you, your time invested in our training and education, that we can stay here to serve people no matter what. It is your sound Bible teaching that has shaped our character, our trust in God and confidence in the better future that God has prepared for us - whether in life or death....

One young couple with a small child, from our church, was able to leave for Poland just before the enemy invaded our territory. As soon as they were in Poland, in a small town called Rabka (near Krakow), they started talking to local authorities and businessmen. In this way they were able to organize a refuge for 500 Ukrainians. There they are provided with housing, food, medicine, if necessary, help to find a job, learn Polish, etc.

In this, too, there is your merit Jim, yours and other teachers. You taught me, I passed on your teaching to others... Now this young couple (Sasha and Yulia) serve in their place, and I in mine.

Thank you for preparing us for these difficult times, your work was not in vain.

Vova Lozinsky, brother of Oleg, is with the territorial security force from our village. His wife Natalie, who stayed in the village with him wrote to say that the Russians are hiding tanks between houses in the villages and that they have been inserting groups into neighboring villages, some of whom are saboteurs. Vova is part of the territorial guard that is fighting the saboteurs. Every night they have been catching several saboteurs. She reports that over 100 enemy armored vehicles and other vehicles were destroyed by the Ukrainian forces.

Pray for the safety of these people, for wisdom and skill for the Ukrainian leaders, and for God to foil the plans, weapons, and logistics of the Russian army.

Psalm 144:11-15:
11 Rescue me and deliver me from the hand of foreigners, Whose mouth speaks lying words, And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood--
12 That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; That our daughters may be as pillars, Sculptured in palace style;
13 That our barns may be full, Supplying all kinds of produce; That our sheep may bring forth thousands And ten thousands in our fields;
14 That our oxen may be well-laden; That there be no breaking in or going out; That there be no outcry in our streets.
15 Happy are the people who are in such a state; Happy are the people whose God is the LORD!

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.