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March 15, 2022 News Update #2

15 March, 2022


Dear Friends,

Here is an updated prayer list from our church in Kyiv. I know that many of the names and places mentioned are strange to Americans. But if you pray for them, God will understand our stammering lips.

This is very personal for us. These are loved ones, fellow members of the family of God, and people who until recently were entrusted to me. I ask you to please hold them up in prayer.



God, defend Ukraine, help us!

We are in prayer:

  1. For those who are on their way to a safe place:
  • The Slavinsky and Klyushev families.
  • Sveta (with special needs) - from Warsaw to Riga.
  • Sasha Petrenko - car repair and delivery of provisions to Smolino.
  1. For those who need to be evacuated:
  • Natalia (Oksana Senko's sister) and family, obtaining documents, evacuation from Moscow 15-16.03.
  • Igor (son of Nadezhda Pamfilova) and his family from near Sumy.
  • Gena and his mother - Irpin.
  • Alona with her husband and six adopted children - applying for adoption and moving to the Netherlands.
  • Lena, Serhiy, Dima (with special needs) - from Odessa to Europe.
  1. For Baryshivka Church. (left without a pastor).
  2. For those who need to be cured:
  • Nina has remnants of the disease.
  • Delivery of medicines for Dasha,
  • Delivery of medicines for mother-in-law of Sergey Tregubenko.
  • Delivery of medicines for Galya, Vova (friends of Oksana Senko).
  • Serhiy - pneumonia (Vicka Savchenko's parents stayed home. her father is sick).
  • Anatoliy (father of Natalia Rekeda), broken leg - recovery.
  • Tamara (mother of Natalia Rekeda) - shingles.
  • Phyllis - cough.
  • Oksana - injured her foot.
  • Svitlana Khyzhniak - allergy.
  • Vova Lozinsky - constant headache.
  • Nadezhda, Yana - covid.
  • For Vitalik, for he won't get chickenpox.
  • Sasha - bilateral pneumonia (brother of Natalia Lozinska, wife of Oleg).
  • Natasha Hryniuk - stomach pains.
  • Larisa Chaplaeva - symptoms of covid.
  • Natalia Rekeda - exacerbation of gastric disease.
  • Nadia (Nina's mother, suspected cancer and many other diseases).
  • Kolya (Vova's Lozinsky friend) - temperature.
  1. Territory defense and the Armed Forces, their security while on duty.
  • Vov, Father of Anya Maksimova, Ilya, Viktor Chayukov, Alexander (from Irpin), Dima.
  • Sasha - a soldier from Goncharovsk, Yura Chugai, Sasha , Oleg’s brother in law, Van
  • the Armed Forces.
  • Alexey Vitaliy Rekeda brother in law - medical battalion.
  1. Safety of those who stayed in their homes:
  • Sasha Petrenko and all 38 people with him, p. Smolino.
  • Sister of Anya Maksimova, near Kyiv.
  • Masha (niece of Oksana Senko, not a believer), Kyiv.
  • Vladimirov Alexander, Kyiv.
  • Vasya Andreev, Kyiv.
  • Valentina Yakovlevna (blind), Kyiv.
  • Mazurenko family, Kyiv.
  • Katya, David, Lydia and her family, Sasha Shapovalova (Katya Khmelevskaya's friend), Kyiv.
  • Mother and sister of Lyudya Ugrymova.
  • Lucy Ustinova's mother and family.
  1. Protection of our cities / villages:
  • Baryshivka, Pasichna, Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel, Rozhivka, Brovary, Smolino, Goncharivske (there Sasha Petrenko).
  • Safety of the station and people - Energodar, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Varash, Chernobyl.
  • Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Okhtyrka, Chernihiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Melitopol, Volnovakha, Mariupol, Borodyanka....
  • The village of Larisa Chaplaeva's mother.
  1. Settlement and registration of official status.
  • Denis Shamrov.
  • Svintsitsky family, housing and school for Elijah and Oleg.
  • Max Zabara - housing.
  • Olya (Nina's friend) with her family - housing, children to school.
  • Tanya Reizvih, Vova Lozinsky sister in law.
  • Ustinov, Sonia, Seraphim - school (Czech Republic).
  • Anya Maksimova and her mother - housing, documents (Frankfurt).
  1. About our service to believers / non-believers in those places, where we are
  • Grinyuki, Horodyshche -construction
  • Luda Ugrimova, Larisa, Lviv.
  • Nina, Krakow.
  • Katya, Nadvirna.
  • Oksana Senko and the Church in Chornobay.
  • Gleb who is a pianist, for the salvation of his soul.
  1. Delivery of humanitarian aid (to be able to deliver to the place to those who need it).
  2. Internal political order.

Where we are?

Download these requests in a PDF document:

Lozinsky Oleg and Natasha


Lozinsky Vova and Natasha v. Rozhevka

near Kyiv

Khizhnyak Sergey, Oksana, Vlad, Sveta


Pinkovskaya Natasha + Dasha


Shahrayuk Olesya, Katya, Roma, Vicktor

in the Volyn region (Western Ukraine)

Ugrimova Lyuda

a suburb of Lviv

Grinyuks Kostya and Katya

Gorodyshche (Central Ukraine)

Kudlayev Sasha, Ira Gorodyshche

(Central Ukraine)

Zabara Maxim Khmelnitsky

(Western Ukraine)

Bosenko Olya + Ulyana Prague

(Czech Republic)

Ustinova Lusia + Sonya + Sima

Brno (Czech Republic)

Ustinov Edik

is a village in Cherkasy Oblast. (Central Ukraine)

Tregubenko Sergey Fastov

(near Kyiv)

Senko Oksana

in a village in Cherkasy Oblast

Rekeda Vitalik and Natasha


Stetsenko Sasha and Irina with Katya and Cedric

in France.

Ezhova Kristina and Van

Stryi (70 km from Lviv)

Maksimova Anya with her mother

Warsaw (Poland)


Krakow (Poland).

Lida with the Chaplaevs


Olesya Turok

London (England)

Katya Dmitryshyn

near Ternopil (western Ukraine)

Svincicki Sasha, Sveta, Ilya, Oleg

Gdynia (Poland)

Vladimirov Alexander,


Andreev Vasya Kyiv.


Shtanko Anya

near Kyiv with her family

Lozenko Marina

in Italy with her daughter


in Germany with her granddaughter.

Kravchenko Volodya and Masha


Artak with his family

in Germany

Shamrovy Denis, Albina, Luka

near Krakow (Poland).