Tuesday, 15 March 2022 23:34

March 15, 2022 News Update

15 March 2022

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for praying for our loved ones in Ukraine. Please continue earnestly, pray without ceasing as things are getting ever more intense.

The report is that there will be a major attack on Kyiv tonight or tomorrow. I just received this note from Natalia, the administrator of our Bible college.

Please pray for us Tonight or tomorrow morning the enemy will try to get Brovary and Kiev, our village is on their way. And Yulia (translator for the college) is in Brovary now.

Natalia’s husband is with the territorial security force for our village. Intel reports are that the Russians may invade the village because it sits on a bluff, below which is an empty plain which extends for miles. In fact, from this bluff you can see all the way to Kyiv, 20 miles away. We were told that the Ukrainians are prepared to level this village in the event the Russians invade, so as to prevent them from gaining any advantage from what might be there.

I also heard that a group of 400 Russian special forces have donned civilian clothing and are trying to avoid the check points and infiltrate the city to plant explosives and take out defense positions in advance of the big attack.

One piece of very good news is that Ukraine did receive a shipment of Javelin anti-tank missiles which were used to destroy a convoy of more than 90 tanks just north of Kyiv.

Our people continue to minister where they are. Here is a short note from Pastor Zhenya who evacuated from his home in Baryshivka, about 30 miles east of Kyiv and is now in western Ukraine:

Hello Mark, we are working here to help refugees with Gena Zinchenko (pastor of a church near Baryshivka). Every morning I go to teach the Word. I was also invited to the central church to teach on Sunday. As I see and understand it, God is giving us lots of work right now. Baryshivka is still calm around it, but there are constant shootings, explosions.... I am trying to do online services for them in Baryshvika from here for those who remained, but the problem is that most old people find it difficult for them to use the Internet.

This war is devastating, the destruction extensive. I ask you to pray for an end to this onslaught. May God grant victory to Ukraine, that she might have freedom and peace.

By grace alone,