Sunday, 13 March 2022 03:53

March 12, 2022 News Update

12 March 2022

Dear Friends,

The war is escalating and we are helpless to have any effect on that. But we can pray, we can encourage our people there and we can try to support them.

I received a letter from Vasya Munko, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Lviv. He is housing refugees from Kiev and other places, providing a somewhat permanent dwelling for some and for many others he is providing a hot shower, meals, a place to sleep overnight, and transportation to the border. In some cases he has bought them tickets to get into Poland. He is using this as an opportunity to evangelize the lost and to teach the Word of God to those who are saved.

He also has contact with Luda, one of our dear sisters in Christ from our church in Kiev. He wrote:

On Thursday, Luda Ugrimova called me. She is now not far from Lviv, in a village. I brought her some food and things that she asked to buy. I am very happy for her. Ten other women and children live with her. Luda is doing a good job. She has organized a Bible study for them, tells them the gospel, and prays with them.... Thank God for her.

I just received a telephone call from Oleg, pastor of Word of God Church in Kiev. He has been living in our house in a village outside of Kiev, where it has been relatively safe. There are about a dozen people with him in the house. He just got word from Ukrainian security forces that the village must be evacuated because they expect Russian tanks and troops in the next day or two. This is very close to the city of Brovary which has been much in the news the past few days. Brovary is about 15 miles to the east of Kiev.

It is midnight there now and they cannot go out at night. So at first light they will pack everyone up and go into the city of Kiev. This will be a dangerous trip. They will take shelter in the Bible college and a nearby apartment. As you know, Kiev has been the target of many missiles and bombs and is being encircled by the Russians. The bombing is indiscriminate, falling on civilian structures, including apartment buildings, hospitals and churches. So, in reality there are no safe places. Imagine if you had to evacuate your home with the possibility of never returning. You can take with you only basic necessities. What will you take? Everything else may be gone forever.

But the eternal God is our refuge, our fortress, our pavilion, our hiding place. We take shelter under His wings. Please be in much prayer for our loved ones in Kiev and the other places in Ukraine that are in grave danger.

Many have asked about making donations to help the people there. At this time we are able to wire funds to a few trusted Christians there who will distribute it to those in need or use the funds to buy food, medicine and other necessities. If you choose to help in this way, attach a note to your check stating that it is for Ukraine relief. Or go to our website and use the PayPal option.

In the everlasting arms of our eternal God,