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March 7, 2022 News Update

7 March 2022

Dear Friends,

The conflict continues in Ukraine. They need our prayers and our support. I just spoke with Oleg, pastor of Word of God Church. Everything is quiet in his village right now and they have utilities and food. However, in Irpin, the city just to the north of Kiev, there is much destruction. There are no utilities (gas, water, electricity, heat) and now there is no internet or telephone connectivity. In addition to that the Russian soldiers there are murdering civilians on the streets. The people were promised safe passage along a particular route. When they went there to escape from the city they were killed.

The people that we have known and ministered to in Irpin have all left the city (so far as we know). But there are many people there who cannot leave and they face tremendous problems. Not only is there the danger of indiscriminate shelling of buildings, they have no heat, and it is winter time there, and no water and food is becoming scarce.

The report is that the food supply in Kiev is still plentiful, but it is a city of almost 4 million people, and that requires a constant influx of goods. Even though the Russians have targeted communication and utility sites in the city, they have not been successful in knocking them out.

I just received the following letter from Vasya in Lviv, with two photos provided below. Vasya (nickname from Vasili) is one of our early graduates from the Bible college. He has become an outstanding pastor and Bible teacher.

Hello Jim.

Thank you very much for your prayers. We really need them now in a special way. It's not an easy time, but you're right, it's a good opportunity to serve people, share the gospel with them.

We have now provided our church for refugees. We are able to accommodate 24 people there. We also provide them with food, volunteers also help us in this, they constantly bring provisions. And of course we can share the gospel with people who stay there.

Also, 8 people live permanently in our house now. They will stay with us until the end of the war.... Many people just stay with us to spend the night and go on to Poland. Of course, we help them, provide transport, help with the purchase of tickets....

Only yesterday I was able to bring my uncle, Victor, to us. He remained in Irpin to the last, lived under shelling and served his unbelieving neighbors....he helped evacuate families... At night he patrolled his yard with his neighbors and also shared the gospel with them. One of these neighbors took him out in his car. Victor did not know how this neighbor took the gospel.... but when, during a telephone conversation, Victor said that the neighbor helped him get out, this neighbor corrected Victor and said: "not a neighbor, but a brother in Christ."

Victor asked to thank you, Jim (and I also join in his gratitude), and other teachers of the Bible College. Because it is thanks to you, your time invested in our training and education, that we can stay here to serve people no matter what. It is your sound Bible teaching that has shaped our character, our trust in God and confidence in the better future that God has prepared for us - whether in life or death....

One young couple with a small child, from our church, was able to leave for Poland just before the enemy invaded our territory. As soon as they were in Poland, in a small town called Rabka (near Krakow), they started talking to local authorities and businessmen. In this way they were able to organize a refuge for 500 Ukrainians. There they are provided with housing, food, medicine, if necessary, help to find a job, learn Polish, etc.

In this, too, there is your merit Jim, yours and other teachers. You taught me, I passed on your teaching to others... Now this young couple (Sasha and Yulia) serve in their place, and I in mine.

Thank you for preparing us for these difficult times, your work was not in vain.

Vasya Munko

Pray for the Christians in Ukraine that they will utilize the Word of God which they have been taught and that through their faith God will be glorified and others will be strengthened. Pray that God will work through these believers to lead many others to faith in Christ. Pray for the safety and deliverance of these people. Pray for the brave Ukrainian military who are standing firm against great opposition. Pray for President Zelensky and his administration to have wisdom and courage.

Thank you for your prayers and support,


 Vasyas Home

Vasya’s home, providing a place to sleep for refugees.


Refugee Towels

Imagine doing laundry for so many people and providing clean towels so they can shower.