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March 5, 2022 News Update

5 March 2022

Dear Friends,

We are heartsick as we watch the continuing destruction in Ukraine. We have no control over these events, but we do know that God has a plan and that He can work all things together for good to those who love Him, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Of course we pray for peace, for safety, for the deliverance of our loved ones, for an end to this horrible display of the depraved and sinful nature of man. But we know from Scripture and from history that wars may last a long time. In the midst of those wars many may be turned to the Lord. Please pray that the faith of believers who are enduring this suffering may be strengthened and that their ministries will be increased. A pastor of mine from long ago used to say, "Suffering is an intensified opportunity to glorify the Lord."

One of the frequent themes of my teaching has been to focus on bringing glory to God in every circumstance of life. We have not been called to comfort or ease, we have not been called to success and prosperity, but we have been called to faithfulness so that we might fulfill our purpose of glorifying the Lord.

Kostya and Katya Grinyuk are a young couple, graduates of Word of God Bible College. They live not far from Kiev, and thus are in a very dangerous place right now. I just had to share with you a note that she just sent out. You can see the focus of their lives.

“We need spiritual and physical strength. Pray to God for us, that He would help us to grow in the knowledge of Him, that He would give us the strength to love and serve those who are near and each other. We talked for a long time to God about our plans and chose His life for ourselves. May God now renew us and, in His mercy, use us to the fullest for His Glory. Pray that our souls will yearn to please Him and seek Him. That His Word for us is above all. That Kostya has wisdom for studying and teaching of the Bible, that I can teach the Word to women and children. May God take whatever He wants and give whatever He wants to us. Please pray that we will desire to be pleasing to God as never before, and that the fruit of the Spirit will pulsate in us. So that God gives us the strength to accept and go through everything that He allows, with gratitude and in humility.

Please continue to pray for this couple and all the others whose names you have seen. God has a purpose for them right now, right where they are. "Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty ...."