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March 4, 2022 News Update

4 March 2022

Dear Friends,

Here is a list of our loved ones in Ukraine, students, church members and graduates. I have indicated whether or not they are in a danger zone (DZ) as of the time of writing. The situation may change rapidly. Some of these names may seem strange to you, but are common in Ukraine. Even though you do not know these people, God knows, and He will recognize them as you lift them up in prayer.

Lozinskiy-- Oleg, Natasha. Oleg is pastor of our church in Kiev (Word of God Church). He is doing a marvelous job of shepherding the flock during this time. They have many people living in their house right now since they live in a small village about 20 miles from the city center. However, I have been told that a contingent of Ukrainian military are in the vicinity, so there is the possibility of some action. DZ

Lozinskiy-- Vova, Natasha. Vova is brother of Oleg and lives in the same village. DZ

Kizhnyak-- Sergei, Oksana, Vlad, Svyeta. Sergei and family are staying with Oleg at this time. Sergei is a Bible college graduate who teaches a weekly Bible class for the church. DZ

Pinkovskaya-- Natasha, Dasha (special needs daughter, needs medicine). Natasha is Oleg’s sister and is living with him in the village at this time. DZ

Voznuk – Victoria, Maxim, Analiza. This family is also at Oleg’s in the village. DZ

Rekeda-- Natasha, Vitalii – Baryshivka. This is a city close to Kiev. They have had some fighting there. Vitalii is a deacon at the church. DZ

Kravchenko, Vova and Marina. Marina is a college graduate and was the college secretary for several years. They are with the Rekeda family in Baryshivka. DZ

Luda Ugrimova – Irpin. Irpin is a city immediately to the north of Kiev. It has suffered great damage because of shelling. Four bridges that connect it with Kiev have been destroyed to prevent travel to Kiev. Luda is a wonderful evangelist and servant of God. DZ

Sasha and Katya Slavinski – Irpin. Sasha and his bride of just a few months live in Irpin. He is a current student at the Bible college. DZ

Katya Dmitrishin -- western Ukraine. Katya has gone to her parents’ home close to the western border.

Sasha and Irina Stetsenko – Sasha is a deacon in the church and Irina is the bookkeeper for the church and the college. They have evacuated to Poland.

Sasha Vladimirov -- Sasha was one of our early college graduates. He has been a faithful member of the church since its founding. I do not have information as to his whereabouts.

Artak and family – Artak is a Bible college student who came from Armenia to study with us. He and his wife and five children have gotten out of Ukraine, but not back to Armenia.

Ivan – is a current student at the college who has gone to his home in Lviv

Shamrov-- Denys, Alvina, Luke. Denys is a current student at the college. He is from Belarus and was therefore able to leave Ukraine. He and his family were able to get into Poland

Nina Grigolyia – Nina was one of our early Bible college graduates and has a real knack for languages. She teaches both Greek and Hebrew at the college. She was able to go to Poland

Smolyar-- Igor and Yulia and Timothy, Sophia, Daniel – Yulia and younger ones have gone to Poland. Igor and Daniel (about 18 years old) cannot leave Ukraine. Igor is a Bible college graduate and pastors a church in Zhitomir. There has been bombing in that city. DZ

Savchuk -- Lyosha and Alphia and children. Lyosha, a Bible college graduate, is pastor in Chernigiv, a city a couple of hours north of Kiev. His family has gone to Poland. He is in a danger zone.

Petrenko--Sasha and Ira and children. Sasha is a Bible college graduate who has planted a church in Goncharovsk, small town north of Kiev. At this time the town has not been threatened.

Savchenko -- Zhenya and Vika and children. Sasha was our first Bible college graduate. He is an outstanding Bible teacher and pastor of a church in Baryshivka. – Vika and children have gone to Austria. Zhenya is in a danger zone

Antipenko -- Sergei and Olga and baby. Sergei and Olga are both graduates of the Bible college and work with Lyosha Savchuk in the church. They have gone to small town in western Ukraine where it is quiet at this time.

Lidia – faithful woman from the church has gone to Lviv on the Polish border whcre she is saying with Vasiliy and Larissa Chaplayev, who are college graduates.

Anna Maximova , single woman has gone to Poland

Anna – single woman. I don’t know where she is at this time.

Shakraiuk-- Olesia, Vitya, Katya and baby and Roman have gone to western Ukraine where it is quiet at this time. Olesia often works as my interpreter.

Ivan and Kristina – have gone to western Ukraine

Valentina Yakovlina. Old and infirm widow is unable to leave. She remains in Kiev with granddaughter. DZ

Grinyuk-- Kostya and Katya. They are both graduates of the Bible college. They live in a town just south of Kiev. DZ

Oksana Senko – Oksana is an evangelist who has been with CRU for many years. She is in Irpin. DZ

Munko – Viktor, Luda and four children. He is a Bible college graduate and Luda teaches biblical counseling with Coram Deo. Viktor is a Bible teacher at Irpin Bible Church. The church is housing many people in the basement. Viktor and Oksana Senko are able to evangelize and minister to these people. DZ

Munko – Vasily, Marina and four children. He is a Bible college graduate and pastor of Grace Bible Church in Lviv. The Lord provided him with a large house last year and he is now housing many people who have gone to Lviv before crossing the border to Poland.

Jim Dumas. Jim is an American who has lived in Kiev for many years with a ministry to orphans. He is trying to get into Poland.

Anatoly – Bible college graduate. Works in a church southwest of Kiev. He is a veteran of the Ukrainian military, and even though he is over 50 he has put on his military gear and gone back into the army to defend his country. DZ

Families are being split up. Because of martial law in Ukraine, no males between the ages of 16 and 60 are permitted to leave the country. Many wives and their children are fleeing to safety. Please pray for these families.

For those who are in danger zones, pray not only for protection from enemy attacks, but pray also that they will have sufficient food, water, medicine, electricity, heat and fuel for vehicles. Pray also that they do not suffer damage and loss.

Give thanks for those who have been able to get out.

Give thanks for those who are willing to share what they have as expressions of love and grace.

Pray that each one will have a testimony to all who have contact with them, that their faith will grow strong and that they will glorify God in the midst of this conflict.

Pray for the Ukrainian military. Victory is not based on the size of the army.

Pray for president Zelensky and his advisers.

Pray for the spread of the gospel and the strengthening of believers.