Monday, 24 June 2019 04:41

June 2019 News Update

June 2019

Dear Friends,

We rejoice in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the multitude of His tender mercies. The past four months have been packed with so many opportunities to teach the Word of God.

In February I filled the pulpit every week at a local church in Kiev while also teaching at Word of God Church. In addition to this I worked with Mark Musser in two other churches to put on DM2 workshops in Romans and Colossians. Altogether this amounted to more than 30 hours of teaching. But this would pale in comparison with the next three months.

In March I made my annual journey to Brazil, putting on conferences over a span of three weeks in four different cities, often teaching 4-6 hours a day.

After returning to Ukraine I had just a few days to rest before going to western Ukraine for a two-week course at a Bible college. I returned to Kiev for a wonderful celebration of our Lord’s resurrection, then left a few days later to go to Southern Africa. We had conferences in three different cities in Zambia and then went to Malawi for another week of teaching there. I travelled with three Zambian pastors I have been training for several years. It is a great joy to see how these men have matured in the faith and who are now able to help with the teaching.

While in Africa I had an allergic reaction to something and developed a rash that covered my entire body. Along with that I got some kind of infection that required a course in antibiotics to get rid of once I returned to Ukraine. But I thank God that He enabled me to complete the teaching in spite of the maladies.

Upon my return I taught a two-week module at Word of God Bible College. In the middle of that we had an ordination service for Oleg Lozinski. Oleg, who has been with us for 15 years, serves as director of the Bible College and as pastor of Word of God Church. Bob Bolender, pastor of Austin Bible Church, along with his wife Sharon, came to Kiev for the ordination. Mark Musser, long-time associate with our ministry, now living and working in Armenia, also came to participate in the ordination. It is so gratifying to see people, such as Oleg, that we have trained, actively involved in ministry.

Then on the last day of May we had a graduation ceremony at Word of God College. We graduated six students this year, and already several of them are slated to begin ministries in their home churches.

We will be in the States for two months to take care of business matters, get medical checkups and travel to several states to visit churches. It would be wonderful if we could visit all of you, but there just isn’t enough time.

How we praise God for giving us such a wonderful ministry as well as the health and stamina to do it. We know that this is all a matter of grace. We are also thankful for all of you who pray for us. We are confident that through your faithful prayers we have been sustained. Your faithful support is so much appreciated. Thank you.

By grace alone,

Jim and Phyllis